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Kwentong MRT…

November 25, 2009
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How frequent to do you ride the MRT? Ako, for the past few months, the MRT has been my fast-track ride to the office. Since my work is situated in Mandaluyong, it’s considered the most convenient and no-traffic hangup way to get there on time. Getting off from the bus at Mantrade, then a little stroll to the station, taking the stairs or the escalator (which ironically does not work 90% of the time), and then, after a long line of being searched by guards for anything that may be a threat to national security, you get in. Ironically, that’s just the first part. You still have to line-up for your gate card, depending on your destination. So after all of these, getting into the main platform will usually take you close to 10-15 minutes tops before even riding the train.

Sometimes, the train itself takes too long even to arrive its first destination, which is the Mantrade stop. Funny though because MRT’s first base is just in Taft Avenue, a 5-minute drive from Mantrade. So by the time it arrives, usually a huge chunk of people awaits its stop and in most cases, everyone will try to push themselves, even squeeze in their bodies to the train’s automatic puny doors until all passengers look like a bunch of sardines packed in an oversized, elongated tin can. Not a good scenario to imagine. This is also the reason at times why I get to office much delayed due to the number of trains (the last trip I had took me 3 trains before I was able to ride on one) have to pass because everyone inside wouldn’t budge an inch so that other people can still get in. Call it swapang sila or tigas mukha, or maybe because they don’t want to add more smell of different people who are almost butt-cheek to butt-cheek inside the elongated cars.

And what about the ride? Well, at times it’s as smooth as a slow rollercoaster, stopping from time to time at every station to pack in more people. Oftentimes, it’s as crazy as hell! Why? Because you get the tendency to share the smell of each and everyone you mingle with, most especially those passengers whom you’re not comfortable staying beside with because they don’t care of exhaling heavily and polluting the tightly shut cars. And because they wouldn’t move or the train is overloaded, you just have to hold your breath at times, just like what Michael Phelps does during a long distance swim. Swerte ka na lang if you happen to end up in an area that has a strong aircon breeze. And mind you, that’s just the morning rush to the office! What about when you go home? Same ride, same routine, but a more powerful, stinkier fragrance to bare.

Problem with the MRT is that, of course, you can’t choose whom to get in and have that ride. I would presume even the car for women, elderly and children only may also have the same dilemma. What’s worse, the aircon is very strategically felt. What I meant about this is some areas have a strong steady cool air, while most areas are, literally warm (not to mention if there’s something foul building up). But I guess, most passengers will just take the ride as normal as possible, just to get to their destination (don’t worry, at times I’m also one who will just bear the heat and smell of it all to get to the office fast. No choice e!) But then again, matiisin lang din sila tulad ko…

But in general, the MRT is swell kind of transportation. It may not be totally conducive or very pleasant at times (well, ok… most of the time), but it is still a good way to reach your destination the quickest possible time. My advice (galing lang sa ‘kin to ha?) for those will be first timers to an MRT ride… just brace yourself for the worse, especially in the mornings or mid-afternoons because these are the times when everyone is on the rush. Also, a good cologne, some breath mints, and a clean handkerchief would do the trick to shield you from any unpleasantries during your short or long trip (depending on where you’re getting off). But if you’re taking a ride during off-peak hours (between 10AM to 2PM), the MRT is a sure, cozy ride for those who would just want to experience sight-seeing of the metro without the hassles of traffic and an erratic, humid weather.

See you, if ever, on the next MRT trip!


Ah Ganito Pala ‘Yun…

November 20, 2009
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Have you ever thought of becoming a dad (or a mom) in the future? I mean really, a lot of us are eyeing to becoming one before, especially during those times when we’re just starting to feel attracted to the opposite sex, getting-to-know stages, and then becoming BF/GF in the process. I even recall telling myself na minsan for the particular girl that I am currently steady with, it’s always my inkling to assume that I will marry her and have kids later on. Most of us guys would probably agree to that premise. However, sometimes in the process of discovering about your GF (or BF), this statement often doesn’t happen, especially when you guys eventually break up, or worse… become indifferent towards each other.

In my experience, I’ve gone to four serious relationships (one during high school, one in college, 2 post-college a.k.a. working na), most of which averaging 2-4years at most. So as in serious talaga! And among the 4, two only have I thought of, well, probably ending up sana. The 3rd one was the almost likely candidate whom I thought of ending up down the aisle. Yet, there was something that I wasn’t sure of myself back then. I didn’t know if it was about the situation or some external factors, or was I ready for it, or was she ready for it, or there’s somebody that I miss out. And funny thing ‘cuz I was already on the stage of making plans with the 3rd one. Sad to say, I eventually broke up with her. And honestly, it turned out to be a good thing (sorry about her, baka you guys might think I’m an insensitive A-hole because of that!)

So where does the dream of becoming a dad came into the picture? Right after the last breakup. And did I really look forward of becoming one since I got married last January 2005. Well actually even before i got married, I’ve always longed to become a Dad really. You see, my wife had a kid back then. And I remember the first time I visited her at her home in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, I already fell in love with her daughter. After that, I always dreamt of how it would feel like if I did became her dad. I even used to tell my friends back in Manila that someday, I am going to be someone she’ll call Dad. Surprisingly, the Lord had His ways of making things happen, and true enough, things just fell into place. I married my Kaye in January 2005 (whom I’ve had a super-dooper, ultimate, unwavering CRUSH for 9 years), and by right of marriage, Kaye’s daughter Kara becomes my stepkid. It’s truly an unexplainable feeling that the girl you’ve dreamt of having kids with, now becomes your circle of life. Much more than this is the knowledge that I did became a father to someone so precious and beautiful, even if you’re not biologically related. I tell you, not all guys with go the same way that I did.

Now, 4 years later, Kaye & I were blessed with two more chikitings, Jeremy and Cassie. And with 3 loving kids, who wouldn’t say a life like is not blessed and ultimately rewarding. In fact, I never guessed that fatherhood would be as this fun and gratifying, despite the difficulties you get to encounter everyday. So when I go back to those times, thinking about that same question I asked myself over and over… “Ano kaya ang feeling na maging isang tatay?” I guess this is how it feels. Parang you always look forward to something more… like more time to spend with the family, more opportunities to enjoy the simple joys with the family I love so dearly. And ultimately, I thank Kaye for that. With a long-standing feeling that was kept for so long, I am so grateful that she help me realized the life I truly wanted.

So for all budding Dads out there, or for those who are still contemplating with the same questions I asked myself before, just read on. And hopefully at the end of this story, you’d realize that becoming a Dad is something worth it. So “paano ang feeling na maging isang Tatay? Ah, ganito pala ‘yun…!”