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Moving Out

February 23, 2010

Yup. It’s really hard to admit that I am indeed moving out. Can’t imagine the pain and the anguish of leaving the good things behind because you just have to move on…

Wait! Nope am not moving out and leaving my family behind. Am leaving and be moving in (or have moved in) to a better home… a place where things are more personal… a home of which I can now call my own…

See you there my friends! And hope you can update my new address with yours…

Thanks and see you again soon!

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January 29, 2010

Fifteen years ago, I remember the first time I laid my eyes on her. She, striding down the MassComm hall in a somewhat flawless walk, donning most of the time in maong and shirt blouse attire. She completely awed me every time she passes by or even just smiling from afar. Funny though, I never knew her then. Good thing, a batchmate of mine, Mai, was an orgmate and a close friend of her. Immediately, I asked for her help. And then finally, the moment came when I was formally introduced to her face to face. The moment Mai said, “Kaye, si Bong. Bong, si Kaye…” never was I totally ecstatic about the whole meet-&-greet setup with the person I’ve been eyeing to get close to. Since then, I thought things will then take its course. Or that’s what I expected it to become. After a few times that I had “happy feel” moments with her, especially those times when we get to take the bus ride going to Boni (where she gets off to go to her tita’s house where her dad fetches her), I thought I was doing a great job of slowly but surely becoming close enough to eventually ask her for a date. I know that time there were also others who’d want to win her badly. But that was my chance. However, when December came, the month when all good things seem to flourish, unfortunately ended not so good for me. I was refused, passed, thrown the bucket. In short — basted! It hurt me badly that after that instant, I thought of forgetting her. I thought that was the end of it

By middle of 1997 was the next time I got to encounter Kaye again after that “pffft” college incident. Still, something was different. Kaye has still that magic spell on me in a way. And all those times I get to visit her at the IL office in Makati, I carry with me that feel of elation because I knew it was her that I’ll see. I even remember bringing my camera with me and by chance, we did have that first picture together. Boy, was I so much in cloud heaven!

From 1997 to 1999, I tried again and again to prove myself to her. But there were countless but valid reasons why Kaye and I never ended together. I almost gave up, knowing she will not fall for me anymore. This was even reinforced when her department moved up to the new office in Alabang. It was then I thought maybe everything’s not just for me and her. But you know, there was something I can’t still figure out why I can never let her go. Was it fate… destiny even… or by the mere belief that Kaye and I may still be possible, no matter how remote it is to happen.

From 2000, things became mellow with my feelings for Kaye. Maybe because I was already seeing a new girl then. I almost ended up marrying her since we have been discussing wedding plans as early as 2001. Pressure was a big factor and that may have been the reason for the delay. However, there was one instance when Kaye invited me and my friend Ara for a special screening of “Oro, Plata, Mata” at GB3. Excitement rushed to my head again. Anxious of seeing her and maybe talking to her again, no matter how held back I was, gave me an unusual high of admiration. Bad ba? I guess so, because my girlfriend was there and I was harboring that weird feeling for Kaye at that instant. Even right after the movie, where we should part ways, I still insisted myself of taking sight of Kaye as she and my friend Ara walked away. I still couldn’t get myself over about that night afterwards. I just felt like there were so many things about Kaye I would still want to discover if given the chance.

In a weird twist of fate, I ended the 4-year relationship with my ex early 2004. I kept mum about the break-up especially from Kaye. Maybe afraid to tell or not ready to share. But secrets do find its way to be revealed. And Kaye found out about it. She knew that me and my ex, as strange as it sounds, were not really meant to be. Funny, but I did agree with her in silence. After a long while, I realized that I should give myself a shot at something far that I’ve been missing… and wanting for a long time… to be with Kaye finally after 9 years of deprivation and many circumstances that were not held back what’s due for me.

And so, when February 2004 came, Kaye’s birhtday month, I knew I have to do something special. She had an event one weekend then, but I waited for her the whole time. Upon going home, I assisted and accompanied her to the bus station, even held her hand (unconsciously! Kunwari :D) while crossing the street or just walking. It felt good, actually. But what was more memorable is what transpired when I stayed with her in the bus while it was being filled up. It was almost a slight smack on the side of her lips that showed my real intentions for her. I knew she was also surprised with it but what the hell! I liked it a lot and am hoping she did too.

And, as they say, the rest was history. Never was I so fulfilled when finally Kaye and I became a couple. 2004 was indeed a big turnaround for me, but was so thrilled that the girl I was hoping to end up with a few years ago, now I share the same feelings with. I was hesistant at first (coming from a breakup) but, I guess it’s really about time that I finally give that a rest and move on to the best of what I expect of my life to have – that is to realize a kind of life that involved Kaye.

On January 29, 2005, we tied the knot. Good friends were there. Close relatives and family were present and ecstatic to witness our I Do’s. But for me, it was the day that marked my life with forever with the only girl I ever dreamed of ending up with. Speechless yet jubilant, nervous but convinced, and no matter what the expressions I have felt during the wedding, I knew that I was finally complete, in heart and soul. I finally have her. And never would I let go this time.

And 5 years after, I still feel overjoyed with the whole experience. And I thank God that He never gave up on me for catching up on Kaye through all the hardships and situations. Worth the wait? True. Lucky to finally have her? Not luck but simply rewarding! Kaye has been my dream finally fulfilled. And together with our kids Kara, Jemy and Cassie, there’s nothing in life that I would want more. Of course, maybe just growing old with her and see our kids realize their own dreams too.

Be, thank you for the first 5 years we’ve shared, through all the good times and bad. Here’s to more years ahead for us, and more blessings that we’ll be sharing for each other and for the family.

With all my heart, I LOVE YOU! Happy 5th Anniversary!

Salamat sa lahat…

January 19, 2010

Alam ko medyo kalagitnaan na ng Enero. Actually, plano ko dapat mag-blog upang magpasalamat sa marami bagay na nangyari sa kin noong nakaraang taon. SO… without further ado, eto na.

Una… thank you kay Lord dahil sa maraming blessings na binibigay n’ya pa rin para sa king pamilya. Alam ko di ko ito matutumbasan ng kahit ano except for prayers lang and kung may chance ay pag-serve sa mass (kami ni Kaye ay cantor para sa salmo responsorio).

Pangalawa… salamat sa mga bumati sa kin sa aking birthday noon nakaraang buwan. Di man magarbo o kakaiba, makabuluhan s’ya sa kin ng sobra dahil kasama ko ang pamilya ko para i-celebrate s’ya ng matiwasay. Sorry kung ngayon lang ako makapagtenkyu kaya magmention na ko now — to my sis Ateyet, Mama ko, Papa ko, my darling Kara, Papa Melo, Mami Minda, Kuya Anne at sa butihing bf nit I o na si Onid, Iah (pinsan ko), Tita Meh, Tito Eric, at mga nakaalalang friends ko na nagtext, Karen, Ara, Genesis, Ai at ang future bayaw kong si RG (naks! actually magiging bunsong kapatid ko sya hehehe!) plus yung mga friends ko pang nagpost sa FB at lahat ng mga dablogkarda — daghang salamat sa inyong tanan! Pinataba nyo ang puso ko ng sobra sobra ng inyong pagbati! I love you all!

Pangatlo… salamat sa bagong trabaho kong pinapasukan ngayon. Nangangapa man ay alam kong katagalan ay kakayanin ko rin ito. Besides, alam ko si Kaye ay nakaantabay lang para ako tulungan. Medyo major shift for me kasi from copywriting ay mayroon na rin akong PR work, if not most of the time, yun ang gagawin ko. Basta, pagbubutihin ko na lang ‘to and I know I would eventually excel din sa bago kong trabaho later on.

And lastly, everyday na ako’y magpapasalamat sa aking Kaye na s’yang nagbibigay sigla at kahulugan sa aking bawat pagkilos sa mundong ito. Siguro iba talaga ang feeling ‘pag sinasabing sayong sayo na talaga s’ya. Oo talagang sa kin s’ya and am proud that nandun ako for her sa lahat ng kanyang pangangailangan. Sa lahat ng mga pagsubok, kasiyahan, di pagkakaintindihan, kulitan, kataimtiman, at pagmamahalan, ako’y taas-kamay na humahanga sa kanyang paninindigan at katibayan ng loob sa lahat ng aming nadaanan at dadaanan pa ng sabay sa darating pang mga taon. But most of all, sa pagkakaloob ng Diyos sa amin ng tatlong napakahalagang regalo sa buhay — si Kara, Jeremy at Cassie — wala na akong hihilingin pang kapalit sa D’yos dahil kinompleto na n’ya ang pinagka-asam-asam simula’t sapul. Sa ‘yo Be, maraming salamat at di ko ikahihiyang sabihin na Mahal na Mahal Kita ng sobra sobra!

Muli, Happy New Year sa ‘ting lahat at nawa’y maging masaya ang ating buhay ng buong taon!

Pahabol lang: Ma, Happy Birthday! (as in ngayon tlaga birthday n’ya that’s why I wanted lang a special mention of her here.) I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and thank you for being my Mama!

See You in a While…

January 8, 2010

I just came back to Rm 2003 from almost an hour and a half prayer time at St. Luke’s Chapel for a rosary and some daily readings from Fr. Fiel’s Bible Diary gift (thanks Fads for this). I already felt a bit hungry after a late breakfast. But I really opted to spend time with Him, and ask for guidance and peace of mind especially at this very moment.

Today is Kaye’s surgery for her slipped disc. I never thought things would actually reach this point. After almost a month of therapies and meds that we thought might work to correct and restore Kaye’s posture and agility, it finally arrived. Actually, as I am writing this, Kaye’s still undergoing surgery. Good thing that his cousin, Dr. Joel Lazaga, who’s a orthopedic surgeon, is the one who’s taking care of the operation. Not to mention Dr. Lazaga’s wife, Yogi who also happens to be Kaye’s anesthesiologist, is also there inside for support during the whole ordeal. So, I am pretty sure, Kaye is in very good hands.

But honestly, I am still in worried state. Of course, a lot of things are to expect. Will she be ok already? Will there be complications (i pray wala!)? Will things be a lot better for her, more so, normal as we’re hoping she would eventually after this? So many questions… But right now, I just don’t want to be bothered by it. I want to be strong when all these are over. I want her to feel that hey finally she’ll get to enjoy life again… spend time with the piglets more, report to work, go to the mall or just do anything without fretting on something painful that refrains her from doing what she loves best. I guess those are the things that she needs right now. Maybe after a few days of recuperating and all, she’ll be good as new. And I do hope she becomes fine. So maybe, I could again start fetching her at the office, go home together, stroll the mall on the way to the service, eat at McDo or even grab to-go delights from DQ. I know it’s tough to be strong at times, but I guess I’m only human. Fear might set in, even uncertainties can really play up with your mind. I guess that’s the purpose of prayer. Communing with the Lord does great wonders in all areas — mind, body and spirit. And I did needed that awhile ago. That’s the reason why I have to delay writing this post and first talk to Him.

Now I feel more prepared to wait. Because I believe He’s done His part of staying with Kaye during the whole operation. And of course, with all the prayers that may have bombarded the heavens for the past 2 hours from relatives, close friends and dabloggerkads, including mine, am pretty sure Kaye will be back in her “brand new” self after she’s moved to the Recovery Room. Besides, I did promise her that, after everything has passed, I will see her in a while…

See you in 2 hours, Be…

25 Random Things, Bongkito Version

December 28, 2009

I already read the one that my wife Kaye made on her Facebook account and reposted here at her blogsite. So as a challenge, I’ll try to come up with my own. I’ll see if I can come up with one similar to hers. Here goes…

1. I used to cook back home in Manila, as in not just heating water or boiling an egg. But not too major though ‘cuz most of the cooking I did were sautee-based dishes. And the only major dish I cooked with flying colors was my favorite… TINOLA! Now, I couldn’t even remember how to prepare it. Good thing Kaye is such an amazing chef for me and the kids.

2. Who’s not to love kissing all the time? Especially with the kids and of course, with Kaye, it’s one of the best ways I do express my love for them. So i don’t think I would give that up for a million bucks! (teka million bucks? hmmm… heheh just kidding!) btw, did you knowing that kissing helps you lose weight? They say each well-placed (and received) lip lock burns an average of 9 calories. With three kisses a day, every day, that amounts to burning 9,855 calories a year — totaling about 3 pounds of weight loss.

3. I’m not usually a cry-baby. I think the last time I did cry was when Jemy was being inserted with an IV when he was confined for high fever. It’s really different when a loved one is involved. Other things I get to cry about secretly are on movies, especially if it involves something about Dads. Hehehe 😀

4. I thought of also pursuing Medicine right after I graduated from MassComm. I kinda envied my siblings who were both in the medical field — Ate Ayette as an ER doctor, and my late bro Jon as an Occupational Therapist. *sound of a stuck turntable* Wait a minute! MassComm? Medicine? No correlation! (Bakit ba gusto ko e! hahahah!)

5. I use to oil paint back then. Had a stint with National Museum before with their summer art workshop which helped me honed my skills. My last year as an advanced student won me a Gold Medal for the Intramuros waterfalls painting I made. Ironically, that painting was sold to my HS teacher for P500 only. Come to think of it, I still have a pending painting job at home. Just have to find time for it.

6. I am not usually confrontational with situations. But if needed be, especially for my family and those of my loved ones, watch out YOU! You don’t like me when am angry… (sans the green color hehehe!)

7. I have been a copywriter for more than 7 years now. I guess the challenge and the fun of coming up with something witty and creative for whatever product or service there is need to copywrite is something I have enjoyed all these years. Maybe I’ll expound more like into… PR? Hmmm… why not?

8. I used to work with UNICEF, first with Greeting Cards and then into the Private Sector Fund Raising Dept. Such a privilege to be there. Hope I could go back and work there again in the future.

9. I enjoy drinking coffee, usually in the afternoon. That keeps me awake actually. But also, when I drink coffee at that time, that means office dismissal is just an hour way. Yeah!!!

10. The best thing that came also from marrying my Kaye is that I now have a new and permanent duet partner especially with songs that requires one. Hope you can hear her sing beautifully with me. We do make such harmonious music together.

11. I used to have a crush on a couple of celebrities when I was growing up. As in not just crush ha? HD pa if you wanna put it. Locally it was Angelu de Leon (this was pre-Joko days) and foreign, it was Drew Barrymore in her Firestarter and Babes in Toyland movies.

11. I was once a member of the CCP Children’s Choir, which was under the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA) Foundation. We had couple of concerts at various venues like the CCP, Folk Arts Theatre, PICC and even abroad. Though we couldn’t join the trips abroad because we couldn’t afford the fares during that time.

12. Before I ended up in UP Diliman, I used to study in UP Los Banos as a Chem Eng’g student. I stayed at Men’s Dorm for half the year. The 2nd sem was uwian. Tiring? Nah! It was just a 2-hour trip one-way from Home to UPLB and vice-versa. Besides traffic then was very easy, compared these days.

13. I graduated from Manila Science High School with no honors compared to my siblings. But I was happy still since I finished high school having a good average (don’t know exactly but I know it’s 90+) and the pride of finishing in such recognized special science school.

14. I used to participate in competitive swimming in my hey days. Yup as in the whole shebang — crawl (freestyle), backstroke, breaststroke (my forte) and butterfly. Been in the loop for more than 10 years since Grade 4. Me and my late bro Jon almost made it to the National Team but we opted not to because of our studies.

15. I was turned down by Kaye a couple of times during and after college. But the funny thing, I still couldn’t get rid of her in my thoughts. Parang there’s always something left to be done. And then, after 9 years in the making, finally I had my chance and eventually we became a couple. Afterwards, I made a promise to myself of never ever letting her go forever!

16. I think I’m a good actor. I don’t know if this is true but in my college years, I used to be the “most sought” talent for a TV production in MassComm among other batches (I was still in Theater major in 1993 before I eventually shifted to MassComm).

17. I once came out in a TV series entitled Pira-pirasong Pangarap when I was 8 years old. My mom, who used to play a nun in Flordeluna starring Janice de Belen and was once a member of PETA (the theater group ha!), got the stint for me. I had that first chance to stardom but my acting then was consciously bad (I often look at the camera during takes. ngek!) So that was the end of my budding acting career. Sayang…!

18. I used to collect a couple of stuff back then. From stamps, bracelets, rings, even sugar sachets (which I still collect until now). The only thing I never collected were girls. Hehehe di tlaga! That’s bad. Wait! Does a number of crushes count as collecting girls din? Sana hindi. 😀

19. I’ve seen 3 oblation runs in 3 different UP campuses — Los Banos, Manila and Diliman. Wanted to see sana the one in Baguio, but I don’t know to commute going there back then.

20. I used to be a mallrat prior to finally marrying Kaye. I guess I have a knack to window-shop all the time, or simply walk the corridors of Glorietta or Greenbelt for no reason. Maybe it was a way for me to relax myself after a long day’s work. Sayang I love doing this before with my late bro at the newly renovated Robinsons Manila circa 1998.

21. I was in a rush when finally I had my first front seat view of my son Jemy being taken out from Kaye’s womb. It was so unexplainable to witness such a fine child being born and was later tended by nurses. There were actually slight tears but I guess the excitement stop it from flowing. Ironically, I never had my digicam then so I have to make use of Kaye’s Nokia 6300 for the coverage. Suprisingly, the recording was superb. What’s more weird, though, was that Kaye was very conscious and awake and even had our first pic together with the pogi boy. Good thing the nurse took the pic well, not showing the red-colored bag that was outside Kaye’s abdomen (aka Kaye’s uterus! ngek!)

22. I am truly lucky because Kaye and I share the same faith. And because of that, our bond as husband and wife is always strengthened by the Lord every passing day. No wonder waking up with her everyday is such a blessing!

23. Upon learning about Kara and met her when she was still 5 years old, I’ve been telling my friends before that she was my daughter, or been wanting to be her dad. I even used the pics of Kara which Kaye sent me vial email as my screensaver in my computer. So when I got to finally marry Kaye, I realized not just one dream but two — to be Kaye’s forever and to be Kara’s dad! Sarap ng feeling!

24. I used to compose songs. These were mostly love songs, typically of a Martin/Gary V. type of genre. Sad, inspiring and even with depth. I don’t know how it started I just kept on writing and composing the music for them. I even had one song (composed in just 2 hours) arranged which I sang during my bro’s interment. To date I have around 9 -10 songs. And am still hoping to finish 4 more. I won’t reveal the latest 4 until am done with it. Stay tune!

25. Lastly, same as Kaye’s, I always wish of seeing my brother Jon again, even just for a short while. Maybe he could even meet my wonderful family. I just miss him a lot, not because our closeness was very short-lived, but because being his twin, I long for the part of me that was lost 10 years ago. If God would permit that, then maybe I could tell him “thanks for everything” and embrace him for one last time, just to let him know how much I love him dearly.

So that’s my version! If in case I couldn’t get to write another blog before the year ends, just want to say Happy New Year to everyone and may you be continuously blessed with God’s infinite riches as I have been everyday!

And Be, it’s been a wonderful year! Looking forward for more years with you and the kids! Love you so much!

‘Til then! Ciao!

My B Day Concept

December 10, 2009

It’s already 11 hours past since a new year has been added to my existence. And am not even sure what to write here. So I guess i’ll try to start off by recalling what transpired in the past years. Where to start, I don’t know… well, here goes…

In the previous years, the day usually started with a morning visit to the tomb of my twin brother Jon. He passed away 10 years ago due to fatal arrhythmia (this I learned just recently from my mom). A rosary and a prayer of remembrance, then afterwards, my parents and I would usually sing happy birthday to him. And i know he’d be delighted by it. From there, I go to work while my parents would go home to our house in Manila to prep for some handaan in the evening. When evening came, of course, close friends would be there to share some of the sumptuous food Mama bought from Meal To Go, or sometimes catered. I’d say oftentimes medyo bongga ang celebration since it’s not just me who’s celebrating or my late brother, but also my late Lola Pem! So triple the celebration, one is here, and the other 2 is “up” there! Ang eerie ng idea but equally fun! And I’m sure they have plenty of food to spare there because the Master usually provides a feast!

I usually love treating my family to something far different than just going to the mall and dine in. That’s why last year, I took my family and some relatives to a mid-morning trip to Tagaytay, just in time for lunch at Josephine’s. I had a blast celebrating then. Apart from the food, the place, and the cool weather, it was fun to see my former yayas become local tourists (first -timers po kaya picture at pose galore sila ha!). But more than that, I enjoyed the luxury of being with Kaye and my 3 kids, Kara, Jeremy and Cassie on my special day. My Ate Kara also had a share of fun, specially during the pichur-pichur moment with the Taal Volcano behind us and suddenly Cassie pulling her hair. Picture moment talaga!

And the fun didn’t end there. We still went to Residence Inn for the mini zoo tour. Ate Kara had been there a couple of times. But this time was different. She had a moment of feeding a baby tiger, and even had a corn python slinged around our necks. Jeremy and Cassie also had an immersion experience with the animals around the zoo with Kaye. And to cap the whole birthday treat, on our way home we passed by Mushroom Burger for some afternoon snacks and takeouts.

In all these things, I guess my idea of celebrating a birthday is not about me treating myself. But it’s a day where I consciously give back to people I most care about something that they deserve because of what they have made me become for the past year. So like instead of buying myself something, I buy something for Kaye such as a book or maybe a watch. Or wanting myself to have fun, I’d rather let my kids have all the fun they want. And it’s really a different kind of satisfaction I get every time this day comes. And frankly, I couldn’t get enough of it ‘coz every year, things just keep getting better and better! Blessed ba ‘ko? Maybe. But more than that, fulfilling is more proper because I always get to share my day with them.

So as half of my day has passed, am still thinking what’s in store later? Hmmm… still don’t know actually. But one thing for sure, I’ll be seeing my Kaye early tonight for a cozy, quiet dinner and hopefully catch the kids still awake back home so I could hear them again say “Happy Birthday Daddy! Yayu (love you ni Cassie) Ichu (love you ni Jem) and love you Dad (ni Ate Kara)!”

Being Lost… (without Them)

December 2, 2009

The last 7 days were one of the hardest times Kaye and I have endured as a family. However, it was also during those 7 days that our faith and hope are in their strongest degree, especially in the kind of ordeal we experienced, that is finally coming to an end (Praise God!).

Recalling back, it was Thursday (November 26) of last week since my mag-ina, Kaye and Kara, left my parents-in-law home for Asian Hospital. Kara was already experiencing a 40-something fever at that time, and we still don’t know what triggered such onset. It was very hard to see Kara being bothered with her condition, which made it more difficult for her to sleep. Though when I got home, I reassured Kara that her fever will pass. But after preparing Kaye’s clothes at the apartment and went back to the other house, they decided to bring Kara to Asian, just to be sure our baby girl will be properly taken cared of.

As Kaye recounts, the attending ER physician (who she saw as pogi daw! hehehe!) initially wouldn’t want to admit them since it was just the first day of fever. Diagnoses were made on Kara afterward. But Kaye doesn’t want to take chances so she insisted that they be admitted so Kara is a lot safer since she’ll be checked round the clock, by the nurses and docs on duty.

As Kaye tends to Kara, I was left home to stay with the two kulets, Jemy and Cassie. Good thing, their attention is not much yet on what’s going around them. I then realized that it was the first time their Mama was not around. I just thought, maybe it’s just ok because I know I’m there with them.

The following day was the day of unexpected answers to Kara’s condition. And behold, the pedia doctor assigned to her suspected already that it might be a case of dengue. Still farfetched with the idea since Kara’s platelets were high, they will still have to work up Kara’s blood parameters from time to time. But come Sunday, the thing we feared came. Kara’s platelets went down tremendously breaking the 100 limit. It was then that we really have to be ready for anything. So the whole day, we search for possible donors (type O+) and even went to various blood banks like Red Cross in Manila for additional platelets for possible transfusion. Luckily, a lot did respond to our distress. But in the end, I was the only one who passed for the donation since around 5 of the other donors were denied due to some screening reasons. (My cousin, though he passed, can’t donate that day because he had alcohol the previous night. He donated Monday PM) At the end of the day, there were 4 bags of ready platelets, 2 yet to be screened, and 2 more to be processed (one is my blood).

In the first few days of the ordeal, Kaye and I couldn’t do anything. According to the pedia, we should let the condition (dengue) take its course. It’s the only way that we can determine that Kara will eventually become okay. But for us, especially for Kaye, that was really hard to fathom at that point. She needed to stay strong for Kara, assuring her that the things everyone is doing will lead to her faster recovery. I couldn’t help but notice that, though she doesn’t say anything or confer to me much, hirap na s’ya to bear the idea. The anguish, the fear of what might happen… all those sum up her silence. Ako nga, I feel guilty pa of not being their with her sa hospital because I need to stay with the kids at home. And it was really hard that Kaye and Kara weren’t at home. JUst thinking of them battling an illness by themselves, while me watching over the kids at home and not being there… it’s like the family was miles apart from each other. But that’s just it. Kailangan lang. Sometimes the strength one needs will just have to come from the thought that me and kids are there with them or Kara and Kaye are there with us back home.

Eventually, when I got to stay at the hospital that Sunday, it was again the only time that Kaye felt I was there with her. When she came out of the room, I was sitted outside on a vacant movable bed. She went to me, embraced me and started to pour her feelings about the experience. I hugged her so tight that I too felt her fear and concern to the whole thing. She needed my strength the most and I’m glad I was there for her and give her that push when on her own, the dengue concept was too much for her to battle by mind alone. I even decided to stay that night just to make her renew herself with much rest so she has regained strength to face yet another tough day with Kara’s dengue.

Monday arrived. I was still groggy for lack of sleep because I watched Kara most of the time. Then, the pedia hematologist came to the room early and told us about the possibility of Kara’s platelets still declining. What scared us more is that it will eventually reach 20 or close to it. Though they say most dengue cases reach that point, we weren’t ready for such count especially because it’s our Kara who’s on the line. Katakot isipin! But despite that possibility, Kara still remained bubbly and talkative as ever. Nanlalait pa nga at times, which we see as a good sign. Staying positive is the only thing that’s left for us to do. I went home by lunch time and felt uneasy leaving them behind. But Kaye insisted for me to do so since I’ll be going to work the next day, and Jemy and Cassie needed a parent to be with them. So when I got to the apartment, I played with the kids a bit, worked on my rakets a bit. But I really felt lost, siguro because I was aware Kaye and Kara are not around. And moreso, Kara is still fighting her illness. I thought sana ako na lang para siguro tapos na lang, tutal I’m a lot stronger (I think) and kakayanin ko yung sakit, much more yung pagextract lagi nung dugo from her arm. Ang sakit kaya nun everytime!

Tuesday. I thought of passing by the hospital before going to work. Then the worst news… the pedia hematologist found that the latest count places Kara’s platelets down to 23. So she was already to be transfused with fresh platelets later that day. Learning that, I decided not to go to office. I wanted to stay with Kara and with Kaye through the ending stages of dengue, to support them morally and spiritually. At around past 1030am, transfusion was already underway. Her vein was fast gulping down thru IV the platelets that can replenish those that where damaged. After an hour and a half, we waited for another 6 hours before Kara is extracted again of blood for another round of testing. Then we wait again. All throughout the day, I prayed harder, every hour until such time arrived when the results came in.

It was around past 7 or 8pm when the results came back. And it was worth the wait! Kara’s platelets went up by 13, from 23 to 36. Wow! Really a good sign! Apart from that, rashes became more obvious on her legs, and arms. The prayers really paid off! Kara, finally, is on her road to recovery already! However, another test will be done by 6am next day so as to see if indeed the platelets jive well with hers. Kaye and I were so glad of this turnaround. And hopefully, Kara will be back in shape in no time.

Tuesday… the make or break day. I prepared early so I could pass by Asian asap and stay longer. However, it was quite hard to leave that morning since Jemy was having asthma episodes again and Cassie had slight fever. Wawa naman precious babies ko. Good thing our meds at home are complete so treatment was ready para maagapan. Also the yayas are quite aware of what to do already that’s why, though I would still want to stay with them, I left for Asian. Bad trip though, my jeep service was slow so wala rin nangyari sa kakamadali ko. But actually, I was just in time. A few minutes after I arrived sa room, the pedia hematologist came. And she told us the nicest sound to our ears: Kara’s platelets again went up to 44. Indeed, it was great wake-up call, hearing that Kara will soon be out of the woods.

In all these days, Kaye and I battled fear, anguish, longing and even distance. Though most of the time we were apart, we made it through everything together in spirit, and in prayer. But in most parts, I’m happy that Kaye remained steadfast especially for Kara’s sake. And I’m proud of her, as a mother who stayed with our baby girl, a companion who assured that things will still be okay, and a partner who kept the family strong despite the difficulties the illness of dengue has brought.

I know the fight is far from over, but in time, Kara’s health will be back to normal. So what’s next after this? Well… the anticipation of coming home, where Jemy, Cassie and I are just waiting for Mama and Ate to arrive so they could get all the hugs and kisses they finally deserve after being away for a short while.

See at home soon okay? We LOVE you!!!